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Restaurant Interior: 5 Important Factors That Creates An Impact

Restaurant Interior

In the F&B industry, restaurant owners compete with each other using location, prices, promotions, and many more. But how many restaurant owners know that restaurant interior design impacts customer psychology and takes advantage of using interior designs?

A restaurant isn’t just about eating. The restaurant’s atmosphere will greatly impact how long the customer will stay and how much they will order. That is how a restaurant’s interior design affects the customers. You can explore many things in a restaurant interior, such as lighting, seating options, and layout, and they can all constitute a restaurant’s interior.

A restaurant interior can play an important role in the whole eating experience. If you are a newbie in setting up a restaurant, remember that there will be a tough battle to find your own niche in the F&B industry. A good restaurant interior can assist you on your path to success, so let’s know what factors you need to know to create one.


Importance Of Restaurant Interior

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The restaurant interior is an important part of your marketing strategy as it can be a branding to your business. The first thing customer will notice as they walk through the door is your interior design. The first impression of your customer will dictate how they believe in your brand, what kind of service they expect, and most important thing if they want to return again. You can’t underestimate the level of impact that a restaurant interior can do on your business. Here are some reasons why restaurant interior is important:

  • How your restaurant looks can impacts how the customers believe in your restaurant concept and if they consider it as a place good enough to eat.
  •  Shabby or very bright interiors will give a negative impression to your customers and potentially make them leave even before they make an order. Maximizing the use of natural light will be an ideal option as it can ensure your place is brighter.
  •  In the age of this digital world, interior design can be a silent salesman for your restaurant. Everybody will take photos of where they have been and what they have eaten. You can make your way to your customer’s feed with an ideal interior design.
  •  Restaurant interior can be used for marketing your restaurant. Consider making it public if there is something unique about your interior design. People love unique things, and you will find your restaurant pack in no time.


Restaurant Interior #1 – Layout

F&Amp;B Restaurant Interior Design Singapore
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Your restaurant layout must have the functionality to let your staff and customers circulate in your restaurant. You will want to maximize the function. Establish a layout design before you start any sort of physical alteration project. The layout design helps to give you an idea of where you want to place your furniture, how big each area is, and how your restaurant will be set up.

Configuration of the seating, bar and kitchen areas can significantly affect efficiency. Your layout should not compromise on the design. You should have a clear operating layout that allows staff and customers to move about easily.


Interior #2 – Lighting

F&Amp;B Restaurant Interior Design Singapore
Interior Design Firm Singapore

Lighting significantly impacts the overall look and feel of the space. It can help set the mood and reach the atmosphere you want in your restaurant. You can consider three types of lighting for your restaurant- Ambient, Task, and Accent lighting. There should be a delicate line between required task beams and ambient illumination.

Ambient lighting can impact the overall look and feel of your restaurant. Consider using dim ambient lighting to create a relaxing mood and aura if opening a fine dining restaurant. They push customers in a way to linger and so order more. On the other hand, QSRs are for customers to come, eat fast and go.

Task lighting is lights used for performing tasks. It allows servers to work and customers to read the menu. Task light should be used strategically so that it does not kill the purpose of the ambient light. But task light should function well as needed. Consider using it to highlight pathways or incorporate it into some unique features, such as highlighting sushi bars or minibars. 

Accent lights are mostly for decorative purposes. You can use it to reinforce your brand’s colors but don’t overdo it. Or the result can be nightmarish.


Restaurant Interior #3 – Colors

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Colors can play a huge role in your restaurant. Different colors can trigger different moods and emotions. It can create a huge impact on customers. It should also be based on how they look together in natural light and how they change when the sun sets.

Red is considered a potent stimulant, and many restaurant owners tend to use it but don’t go overbroad. Yellow can bring out people’s appetites, while blue can relax diners and calm them down.

Whether you use the colors consciously or unconsciously, color palette schemes should be on the priority list of subjects to consider. It is critical that you use the appropriate color palette for your restaurant interior.


Restaurant Interior #4 – Music and Scents

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Try recalling the song playing in a restaurant that you last went to, which was completely incomprehensible. What emotions did you have when you were hearing the music? Choosing the music to play in your restaurant can impact the experience of your customers and even your staff.

Consider combining an appealing scent with your music. Consider letting some smells float in from the kitchen, which can help to induce appetite. Different scents create different emotions. You can choose scents such as vanilla, peppermint, citrus, and many more.

Depending on the experience you want to create for your customer, you can choose from various smells. The right combination of music and fragrance can enhance your business’s image and awaken your consumers’ appetites. But remember, don’t use barbecue smell, as it will kill your customer’s appetites.

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