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On Budget For Cafe Renovation? 5 Quick Tips To Solve It

Cafe Renovation

The first impression is very important when it comes to a cafe. A simple cafe renovation can make a huge difference as people love to emerge in a unique or trendy space. It is where people want to have a few moments of peace with their meal, keeping them away from their busy lives and taking in the ambiance. You want to create a space where people can relax.

Think of it, what is the first impression you want to give your customers when they step into your cafe? It can be a foundation for how you want to plan for your cafe renovation. You wouldn’t want to have your meal in a cafe that doesn’t look like it has been maintained for years.

Don’t expect people to trust your cafe if you aren’t willing to create a comfortable space to relax. The atmosphere in your cafe should reflect the service and quality of your food and drinks. The environment in your cafe should be welcoming for your guest.

One thing for sure is that money is always one of the main concerns affecting your decision for your cafe renovation. If you have a tight budget, it doesn’t mean you can’t create a comfortable cafe for your customer. You can still use some smart cafe renovation ideas to make big changes without breaking the bank.


Budget Friendly Cafe Renovation #1 – New Flooring

Cafe Renovation

Cafes are places with lots of movement. You will find that tables are often being rearranged to accommodate big crowds, and chairs are constantly being pulled in and out. There will also be spills and drops of food happening occasionally. All these add up and can be a headache. Your flooring choices will depend on how often you will be experiencing these situations.

Flooring such as natural cleft slate can do a fantastic job hiding all sorts of stains and spills. The design of the flooring works well with any setting. Acrylic-infused hardwood flooring is something sturdier and can take a beating. It is more or less indestructible but still can give your cafe a modern feel.

It can be costly to replace all your flooring at once, but you don’t really need to if you are under a tight budget. Find the most vital area in your cafe, and focus on it. Areas such as entryways and dining spaces are where customers will get the first impression of your cafe, and it can be a great place to start with.

You can continue with other areas that need a little renovation, such as the waiting area or bar area. You can take your time redoing the rest of the place, but ensure that your customers get the best impression as soon as they enter your cafe.


Budget Friendly Cafe Renovation #2 – New Lighting

Cafe Renovation

Different lighting can create different atmospheres in your cafe. It is important to have proper lighting for any commercial establishment, this includes cafes. Using outdated or elementary methods of lighting your space can make your cafe look like a disaster. Unless you are creating a specific atmosphere in your cafe, if the lights are too dim or you don’t have enough lights, the atmosphere can be less inviting for your customer.

When you are planning your cafe renovation, you should provide a sensual experience for your customers in your cafe. The lighting can help to excite your customers’ vision. Lighting renovation can be cost-effective if you use the right lighting.

The best way to use lighting in your cafe is to manage it in layers. You can control what your guests see if you layer your lighting correctly. Each layer should have a purpose, whether a smaller light to illuminate something, a soft natural light to illuminate the whole cafe, or just for decorating the tables.

If you want to save some money on lighting, consider using small, battery-powered lamps or candles on tables. It can help add some style to your cafe decor but note that the light should be bright enough to illuminate the plates and allow customers to read the menu. If you use it correctly, you don’t have to throw a lump sum on an expensive ceiling fixture.


Budget Friendly Cafe Renovation #3 – Better Space Functionality

Cafe Renovation

The space in your cafe can have a great impact on the functionality of the cafe. You wouldn’t want your customers to feel cramped in your cafe, or your staff knocking around things as they serve the customers and leaving a bad impression on them.

Consider if your cafe is too cluttered when planning a cafe renovation. If so, try clearing up unused stuff or rearranging your furniture to create a bigger space. You should also consider improving your current layout to best use the space you have in your cafe.

If there is a dead space in your cafe, consider if it can be utilized for better functionality. Rearranging and removing unnecessary furniture and items can help open up more space in your cafe. By maximizing the space, you get to make it more inviting for your customers.


Budget Friendly Cafe Renovation #4 – Updating Furniture

Cafe Renovation

Your customers usually have some time before their order arrives. They will observe the surroundings if they aren’t socializing with their friends or eating. The furnishing in your cafe will be the first glance the customer will take. Customers will presume that you provide unsatisfactory service and low-quality meals if your furniture looks worn out.

You will want to update your furniture to refresh the look of your cafe. If you have a tight budget, consider renewing the needed furnishing rather than changing all at once. Start with the furniture that is most visibly needed and is used often.

Tables are one of the common pieces of furniture that need to be updated. If buying new tables is out of budget, you can sand your table and give them a nice coat. Repainting your tables can make your cafe look more colorful and can have an impact on making people order more. They will have a more enjoyable meal and improve their satisfaction.


Budget Friendly Cafe Renovation #5 – Colorful Facades

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Your cafe’s exterior is one of the factors that customers decide if they want to visit your cafe. It will affect your cafe’s image, service, brand, or food. The impact of your cafe’s exterior can be great and last long. It can affect your customer’s decision to go to your cafe or your competitor’s cafe. Your cafe’s exterior design will be a main factor when you are planning your cafe renovation.

Colors may be a very simple factor for your cafe’s design, but you would be surprised how they can tremendously influence your customers. This is why choosing the right color for your cafe’s exterior is so important. It has the power to make your customer decide.

You won’t need a big budget for repainting. You can paint it yourself if you have a tight budget. When choosing the paint color, ensure that it matches your brand, increases positivity, inspires passion, or provides a sense of peace.

Repainting is relatively cheap, so our money-saving tip here is the coloring itself. Your exterior paint should be something that matches your brand, something that can increase positivity, inspire passion, or even provide a sense of peace.

Planning cafe renovation doesn’t means you need a big budget, there are many ways to renovate your cafe. It doesn’t matter how much you have for your cafe renovation, and it’s all about how you use the money. All you have to do is figure out where to start and what to do.


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