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F&B Restaurant Renovation Singapore

Establish: 12 June 2000, Singapore

Restaurants In Makeover Therapy?

Renovating a restaurant or cafe is a frustrating enough process. Akin to psychotherapy, it is painstakingly slow and one must stay on top of things.Watching vendors, designers and craftsmen with much oversight drains time and energy.

Consider IDzine, your answer to interior design, the expert in transforming space from virtual to reality. As the renovation wing of Wiz Interior and Consultoctad, our company has managed renovation projects on properties regionally.

Our expertise in renovation design, oversight, and management allows our staff to work in close conjunction, ensuring that your property is properly renovated. We relentlessly focused on delivering meticulously created beautiful, functional designs.




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Trumps Condo

Trumps Condo luxury outdoor furnishings are the perfect centrepiece for a relaxing retreat
for the weekend, or a romantic spot when the lights go out.

11 Wajek Walk

We’ve combined miniature European chandeliers, draping curtains, peonies, tawny leather, dark browns,
glass and wood on a cream coloured marble floor to create a unique, eclectic atmosphere.


Follow and manage the renovation process from start to finish by taking advantage of our strong relationships with ethical and innovative designers and contractors.

We can also be tasked to furnish your entire property based on the style and décor of your choosing. Let your property speak the language of style with I_dzine in the role of taste maker and innovator.

    • Design90%
    • Renovation70%
    • Fabrication80%



Take pride in your living space with our selection of stylish, ultra-modern vanity furniture.
Fully functional - stainless steel, suede and high-quality synthetic leather come together
to create comfortable and lasting vanity pieces.

Zhulian Office

Our Zhulian Office collection is a harmonious marriage of past reminiscences
and anticipation of the future. Delight your guests with its elegant yet
warm and humble exuberance.